Omnichannel solution for a Jewelry company
Albert Mouhadab, Milor

MILOR context

  • Specialising in affordable luxury jewelry for the everyday. Since 1979
  • The Company has further specialised in a mix of B2B and B2C projects
  • Most of MILOR group solutions are forward-thinking, with a long term deep understanding of the industry, and market.
  • B2C brands are currently marketed through over 5.000 official resellers worldwide, and direct ecommerce sites
  • Research and Development using 3D technology
  • Extensive offer that both ensures verticality, and quality and an authentic Italian design and flare
  • The biggest challenge is getting to better know the final consumer to serve and anticipate his/her needs

MILOR brands

MILOR challenge

  • Fast online channels setup for different brands
  • Multibrand specific needs management
    – Multiple catalogs
    – Multiple sites and languages
    – Multiple currencies
  • Single integrated platform
    – No need to create and manage multiple platforms and the related integrations
  • Unifying omnichannel capabilities (B2C / B2B / instore) under the same technology
  • Increase user experience to satisfy user needs in terms of product customization
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