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Nicola Moresi – CEO


Chief Executive Officer

After working as a network administrator at the University of Italian Switzerland, he began working as a consultant in the field of Information Technology for different companies. Credit-Suisse, Teleticino, Ticino Informatica are some of the companies with which he cooperated.

Awards: COLT Switzerland Innovation Partner of the Year

Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi – COO


Chief Operation Officer

Art historian, with long experience in operational management. Co-founder and director with Fabio Cattaneo of ARVI SA, leader in the global trade of rare wines.


David Lopez Nunes

Sales Manager, in the ICT sector for over 20 years, he developed his commercial training at leading multinational vendors and system integrators. In his career, he has reached the most important working successes with international clients of the Finance and Industry market.


Andrea Nazari

In charge of alliances, he has gained professional experiences in leading international consulting and IT companies.


Valerio Schillaci

Information technologist with decades of experience in the development, production, implementation and management of the medium large company infrastructures. As a consultant in systemic field, he has participated in the realization of projects for major telecommunications and system integration companies.


Andrea Giussani

Information technologist, graduated with a thesis on the super resolution Algorithms applied to the acquisition of fingerprints. Five years of experience in the IT industry as a consultant in the field of VMware, Storage, Backup and Infrastructures. He implemented numerous projects in both the public and private sectors.


Marco Carrera

Information technologist, graduated in Telecommunication Engineering, with decades of experience in the telecommunications and the data center domain. He has managed the ITC infrastructure and System Integrator of many companies .


Marco Cataldi

Information technologist, graduated in Computer Engineering, with experience in the design, production, implementation and management of infrastructure based on Microsoft technologies. He has accomplished numerous projects as a consultant for Enterprise companies in both public and private domain.


Michele Colombo

Information technologist with 15 years of experience in management, maintenance and implementation of IT infrastructures. He has worked as a system consultant for major Swiss banking institutions and in cantonal health and administration department.


Dario Ruotolo

Information technologist, graduated with a thesis on AAA techniques. He started in early ages with electronics and information technology. Several years of IT experience in the field of virtualization, computer security, Citrix networks and ecosystems.

Stefano Sala

Information technologist, with decades of experience in networking, security as a Service Desk Manager for the most important private security institutions. He has managed numerous implementation projects in networking and infrastructure. Several years of experience also in the development of web platforms in .NET and Business Intelligence.


Luca Gorla

Information technologist, with twenty years experience in the field of telecommunications, network and security. He designed and implemented network and security solutions for the major Italian and European Service Providers. He also managed the IT infrastructure of Enterprise companies in both the public and private sectors.


Pietro Visentin

Information technologist, graduated with a thesis on Software Defined Storage systems. Passionate about virtualization, storage and open source solutions. He worked as a health consultant


Marcello Camellini

Creative 360 ° in work as in life. Activities that he enjoys range from photography to video editing, from the creation of websites to advertising promotions. His great passion for art is well combine with his professional life. Important are the names of those who he had collaborated with, names ranging from different areas, from fashion to interior design.


Alessia Guarini

Responsible for administrative, executive, and marketing-related activities, through communication, collaboration ands cooperation with staff, clients, consultants, vendors in all business interactions. A collaborative and flexible working style with a willingness to contribute to the organisational culture and team wellbeing.


Matteo Cappelletti

Communication Clerk/Manager, he deals with publishing projects, the management and preparation of contents for the web and traditional media and the press.


Francesca Masciadri

Assistant manager, she takes care of the press and events coordination.


Jennifer Ambesi

Technicians specialized in services for enterprises, she deals with digital archiving and accounting management.


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