Shopware Enterprise edition: emotional shopping

 Shopware is the e-commerce platform focused on emotional shoppping, to give the best customer experience.

Shopware Enterprise Edition is the ideal solution for ambitious eCommerce projects. This is where’s consultancy, service and performance meet an innovative platform; powered by the visionary features that make Shopware one of the fastest growing solutions on the market. Here you’ll find everything you need for successful online business:





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Intuitive and easy back end

Templates can be easily adapted using drag & drop

Multishop (from ver. 5.2)

Very powerful migration tool from other e-commerce platforms

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Intuitive back end

Shopware Enterprise Edition solution is strongly committed with a solid Design solution. Shopping worlds is the module that make possible to create custom landing pages and shopping environments with the simplicity of drag & drop.

The ideal solution for on-line shops who need a short “Time to Market” thanks flexibility and ease of implementation.

Shopware Enterprise Edition is a fully-responsive e-commerce platform that can handle complex tasks where the content-creation component is important through advanced CMS capabilities.

Emotional storytelling

Shopware Enterprise Edition offers a highly professional eCommerce solution, ideal for demanding online stores, thanks to many marketing features that are based on emotional storytelling. Special features of Shopping Worlds are dedicated to Storytelling, to give customer the right context to get into a shopping mood and discover your brand.


SIDEVIEW: items can be linked to a specific element to make a more interactive, explorative shopping experience. Linked items are paired down to the most important features


QUICKVIEW: to create a slider displaying more detailing item information. Customers can leave Quickview at any moment and return to the point in their shopping trip where they left off

The on-line shops that choose this platform have the goal of involving the user in a colorful and versatile experience to engage them emotionally in their purchasing.

Big Market Place


Distinctive point of Shopware solution is the big Market Place, cotaining more than 2.000 specific plugin, free and premium. Within Shopware Enterprise model, all Shopware built plugins are free.

Shopware extended core provides out of the box a frontend and a backend layer, and an integrated solution of services for: products, catalogs, customers. Whatever additional function is given by plugin library.

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Elastic Search embedded


Elastic Search is embedded in Shopware platform, with the extended role of Search Engine.

  • Adapter integrated by default
  • Great article amounts
  • Scalable & distributable
  • Importer for data synchronisation
  • Support in all Product lists
  • API for adoptions / integration

B2B specific features

Features given by the adoption of Shopware B2B verticalization are:

  • Online ordering with merchant order approval.

  • Custom catalogs dedicated to specific customers.

  • Custom pricing, configurable at customer and product level

  • Fast Order placement, offline, using import modules (csv, xls)

  • B2B Order Grid for quickly update cart

Market Leader in Germany

In Germany, where Shopware has become a market leader, Shopware Connect has been launched, a platform full of dropshipping features that allows users to establish contacts with other retailers to promote their articles via partner stores or to include in their online shop third parties articles, but which are appropriate for the shop. In the future this system will also be available for other countries.

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Main features

Shopware Enterprise Edition is the result of the evolution of Shopware product, starting from an Open Source project. The Enterprise Edition includes:

  • All Shopware Premium Plugins
  • Advanced Features (Storytelling, Digital Publishing)
  • Unlimited subshops
  • Multi client capability (3 clients included)
  • Personal contact
  • Emergency support (24/7)
  • Individual update planning
  • All future updates (major and minor)
  • Private staging system

Shopware Enterprise Edition is written in PHP, with a persuasive user-friendly back end and extensively expandable capabilities. Main features of Shopware platform are:

  • Solution is natively: multi-Client, multi-tenant, multi-country
  • B2C and B2B dedicated features embedded
  • Extensibility through a Premium Plugins, easy to install
  • Advanced marketing functions: Storytelling, Digital Publishing
  • Subshops integrated management
  • Unique Backoffice tool
  • High performances with Varnish cache integration
  • Embedded Search Engine
  • Extended integration layer
  • Transparent development with open roadmap

Why Shopware

Short time to market

In eCommerce, time is a precious recourse. With Shopware Enterprise, you can stay ahead of the game and bring your shop to the starting line in a shorter amount of time.

Comprehensive partner network

Shopware has an extensive network of partners spread throughout Europe – this model guarantees that the professional experience you need is always within reach.

Easy customization

Next to the care, support and experienced partner network on your side, the advanced technology under the hood makes it possible to easily tailor the system to meet your requirements.

Quick training period

Thanks to the intuitive handling, your team will become proficient in very little time. Individual training programs directed by our specialists make leaning all the more enjoyable.

Seamless integration

Thanks to the highly flexible architecture and open API, any existing system infrastructure can be seamlessly integrated with Shopware Enterprise.

State of the art

We incorporate the most modern and advanced technology into our software, providing you with the best tools available today.

Low costs

When you save time and resources during project implementation, you benefit from lower costs. That creates a significant amount of resources, which you can invest in elsewhere.


Shopware Enterprise supports the installation of any number of instances – realize complex business models with the confidence that your growth is virtually limitless.

Internal research

Through programs such as our Open Device Lab and Hackathons, we investigate and predict both the tools and trends that will be a part of eCommerce in the future.

Individual care & attention

With a designated contact person, you are supported throughout the entire project cycle. This level of personal service guarantees the ongoing cooperation that makes for successful online trade.

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