VMware vCloud Director Hosting- “Virtual Colocation”

Moresi.Com is able to offer – through the redundant platform based on VMware vSphere 5.1, a “Virtual Colocation” solution.


Through VMware vCloud, the customer/ partner can manage his own servers.

In detail:

  • Create new virtual servers
  • Expand or reduce the memory of the existing ones
  • Expand or reduce the disk space, add new hardisks
  • Add or remove CPU
  • Set up internet networks NAT, VPN, Site-to-Site VPN, Regole Firewall, ecc.

With this technology, a portion of our Data Center is cut and dedicated to our Customer, an area within which the Customer can completely manage the resources. The infrastructure by Moresi.Com can also be connected to the Private Cloud in the company, allowing it to “move “servers from inside towards the Cloud of Moresi.Com, in order to benefit from more computing power and scalability.

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Here below few ScreenShots to show how it works:

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