Moresi.Com SA provides its professional Anti Spam and Anti virus filters.

With this solution, you can completely eliminate spam from your e-mail. The e-mails will be first checked and controlled by our software, then they will be normally delivered to your email server. This process takes a few seconds and will only deliver reliably e-mails, thus eliminating security issues. Monthly rent in your mailbox.

  • Antivirus & Antispam

    Professional antispam and antivirus filters on high-availability cluster

  • Anti Virus Engines

    Two Anti Virus – ClamAV and Kaspersky Labs

  • Analysis Tools

    Multilevel AntiSpam analisys – discovering more than 98% spam

  • Detection accuracy

    Less than 0.03% of False Positives

  • Content Filtering

    System control and content filtering

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