DRaaS = Disaster Recovery as a Service

From its Data Center Moresi.com is able to offer a Disaster Recovery system at an affordable monthly cost for each protected server.

Thanks to an innovative software solution, you can benefit from an enterprise level service, without having to invest money and time to implement expensive solutions.

Through this system, it will be possible to have two servers aligned with a few seconds RPO. If necessary, just turn on the servers at the Data Center of Moresi.com and the service will be activated automatically, with a few seconds loss of not copied data. It will also be possible to test fail overs in designated and isolated areas. Following a disaster, you can restore the production machine at your own Data Center.

How it works:

  • Installing a management server in your infrastructure
  • Creating a secure backup channel
  • Configuration of the backup

Through a management console, you can monitor the progress of backup:


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