Founded in 2014, by the collaboration of Cortis Lentini Consulting and, today CLM Consulting is a Business Unit of, which aims to help Swiss customers managing and supporting applications based on Microsoft technology.

As a Microsoft CSP, CLM Consulting is the ideal partner for Swiss companies about technological and IT consulting services, as it helps client companies to identify areas for improvement based on the analysis of organizational models, and therefore to implement appropriate processes through the right enabling technologies.

The new way to work together

Azure Stack EA

Starting from October 2017, is a member of the Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative for service providers, a program reserved for the first partners able to adopt this new technology. This initiative, created in collaboration with Intel, offers Microsoft partners the opportunity to create their own Azure Stack cloud and offer Azure services from their Datacenter. The program offers a rich set of technical resources to help partners like and their clients to create and sustain a profitable business with Azure Stack. SA has the skills to analyze and implement the best solution to deploy on Azure Stack and integrate with existing on-premise applications and the Azure public cloud, such as:


The main advantage of Business Intelligence is the improvement of company performance, therefore of business and competitiveness. With modern business intelligence tools and products, your organization can understand data and rely on it to act quickly. You can get more detailed information on the data to know and identify trends as soon as they occur.


Investigating the vastness of Big Data makes it possible to find information and food for thought that can transform marketing, sales and customer relations for the better. Understanding the factors that affect operational efficiency while organizing human resources, managing supply chains or anticipating staff and customer needs, is essential to simplify work and find out detailed information to optimize the way you work .


Modernizing internal line-of-business applications makes it possible to tackle new IT issues and evolving business needs with extreme efficiency. Digital transformation is critical to the modern business and begins with cloud technology that delivers faster development, higher productivity, lower costs and higher security for applications throughout the organization.


Involving customers from all over the world with advanced and personalized digital marketing experiences is the most effective and economical system for modern companies. Rapidly create and launch digital campaigns with automatic scaling based on customer demands, analyze and improve effectiveness campaign with the power of data analysis, enabling you to attract the right customers for your business.


Today, customers are more informed and show expectations like never before. The Dynamics for Sales technology allows you to go beyond the automation of the sales force, in order to better understand the needs of customers, to involve them more effectively and to achieve a greater number of sales.


Archiving, synchronizing, sharing and managing content, knowledge and applications for team work, immediately finding information and collaborating throughout the organization allows companies to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, because people makes the difference.

The intervention areas of CLM Consulting


Mobility, collaboration and security are the key to maximum productivity of today’s workforce. Employees who can continue to work and collaborate in complete safety through their laptops, smartphones and tablets, wherever they are and at any time, make the company very competitive.

CLM Consulting makes the modern workplace truly practical, efficient and easy to manage through Microsoft 365 Enterprise & Business technology, Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.


Today, customers are more informed and show expectations like never before. Through Dynamics 365 for Sales, CLM Consulting helps companies transforming customer relationships into revenues. Microsoft technology extends sales force automation to better understand customer needs, engage them more effectively, and drive more sales.

Furthermore, through Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, CLM Consulting enables companies to optimize financial and operational aspects to drive growth and make decisions based on real-time data.


Most cloud computing services fall into three broad categories: distributed infrastructure as a service (IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service), distributed platform as a service (PaaS, Platform as a Service) and software as a service (SaaS, Software as a Service). When these categories are based on each other, it is called a cloud computing stack. Microsoft Azure is a set of all these services and CLM Consulting’s expertise allows companies to integrate computing services, such as servers, storage resources, databases, networks, software, analysis and much more, through the hybrid cloud of


Wherever data is located, CLM Consulting helps companies, through Microsoft Azure solutions, to unlock their potential, offering optimal experiences in making better decisions with the real time analysis of large amounts of data. With the capabilities of AI (Artificial Intelligence), businesses can get the detailed information they need to act intelligently and improve customer engagement, increase revenue and reduce costs.


Thanks to joining the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program and the Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative, is pleased to provide a wide range of services to its customers and the administrative management of software licenses with the following advantages:

  • Monthly and non-annual subscription: the monthly billing system allows you to avoid the advance payment of licenses for one, two or three years
  • Pay per use: the purchase of licenses in this new mode allows companies to manage and monitor investments in IT.
  • Possibility to add / remove licenses: maximum flexibility in modulating subscriptions, increasing or decreasing them with speed according to needs. Grow your business with the licenses you need, when you need them
  • License activation after a few minutes (vs. Online – 48h) and with very few steps


  1. No infrastructure
  2. No dedicated personnel
  3. No management
  4. No licenses
  5. No administrative cost
  6. Complete flexibility and scalability
  7. Full knowledge of all features




As a Microsoft CSP we are pleased to come and see you to better explain the benefits of Microsoft technologies and our related services. Few companies know the tools and features of Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure Solutions whether they already use them or have not yet adopted them.

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