20 years of Moresi.com, a dream that continues

Dear friends, customers, technology lovers,

It was 1998, we were at the dawn of the digital age.

Registering a domain, today a daily occurrence, was not such a common thing yet.
Moresi.com was registered in that year (a few months before Google.ch!).

At the time, It was just a simple name.
The genesis of an activity that still did not have the awareness of a brand or the size of a company.
However, in that name there was already a passion, a dream.
A vision.

With that name began an adventure that today, twenty years later, has led us to be what we are. Step by step, overcoming obstacles and difficulties, but always keeping on mind the goal to be achieved.

We wouldn’t have crossed the finish line without the skills, the passion, the efforts of those who are part and has been part of our team, and without the support of those who has worked with us: partners, suppliers and of course all our customers who have always trusted our services.

To celebrate this goal, we have planned for next year a series of events that will involve and that you will be informed on time:

– Blockchain and new Cryptocurrencies
– New Cloud Stacks,
– Edge Cloud,
– Self-Healing Platforms

and much more.

In the meantime, I take this opportunity, together with the whole Moresi.com team, to wish you a happy and satisfying 2018!


Nicola Moresi
CEO Moresi.com

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