The digital economy demands more immediate response to changing expectations, requiring businesses to adapt or risk being outmaneuvered by more nimble competitors.

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Moresi.com Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack helps organizations to become more agile and responsive through:

  • Accelerated delivery of traditional enterprise and cloud-native applications
  • Enhanced IT service delivery and improved business application creation and deployment
  • Tailored backup and recovery technology for virtual and cloud environments
  • Automated delivery of secure private and public cloud resources
  • Automated application lifecycle for Azure consistent integration and deployment
  • Empowered users via a self-service catalog, delivering on demand IT resources
  • Fully engineered hybrid cloud platform with full component lifecycle management and services

Cloud is an operating model, not a place, and adopting a hybrid model has become the clear choice for many organizations. Making hybrid cloud platforms simple and effective enables businesses to rapidly develop and deploy new applications, optimize resources, manage costs and deliver the best possible user and customer experiences.

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Azure Stack EA

Starting October 2017, Moresi.com is a member of the Microsoft Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative for service providers, a program reserved to key partners who are the first to be able to adopt this new technology. This initiative, created in collaboration with Intel, has offered Moresi.com the opportunity to create an exclusive direct channel with Microsoft for its Azure Stack cloud and offer Azure services from its Data Center with monthly billing of actual consumption. The program offers a rich set of technical resources to help Moresi.com customers creating and sustaining a profitable business with Azure Stack.

What is Moresi.com “Cloud for Microsoft AZURE STACK”?

Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform (PaaS / IaaS) for delivering infrastructure and platform as a service with a consistent Azure experience on-premises and in the public cloud.

Organizations can now build modern applications across hybrid cloud environments, balancing the right amount of flexibility and control.

Azure Stack allows you to implement and provide several Azure services from the Moresi.com data center to simplify IT service delivery and reduce customer time to market.

The Azure Stack offer allows system administrators and CIOs to recreate a cloud infrastructure within the Moresi.com Datacenter, as an alternative to a traditional on-premise solution or a complete migration to the cloud, but sharing the same tools and same APIs and therefore can exploit the same code already written for the public cloud.

Organizations, with Azure and Azure Stack, can access, create and share traditional and cloud-native application services securely and cheaply, delivering business results without sacrificing security, quality and availability.


Azure Stack can help you to:

  • Address latency and connectivity requirements by processing data locally in Azure Stack and then aggregating in Azure for further analytics
  • Meet regulatory or policy requirements, deploying applications on-premise on Azure Stack developing them with the same code and framework used by Azure Public
  • Update, modernize and extend existing applications or build new ones using consistent DevOps processes across Azure in the cloud and Azure Stack on-premises


As Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative member, Moresi.com is pleased to provide a wide range of services to its customers.

Moresi.com services are available for every step of the journey—from strategic planning through implementation, operations and ongoing support. Moresi.com can analyze and implement the best solution to be deployed on Azure Stack and to be integrated with existing on-premise applications and Azure Public Cloud. Moresi.com experts provide hands-on guidance to optimize and expand the customer’s hybrid cloud platform to meet business objectives.


These activities include:

  • Proof of Concept: Install, configure and manage testing environments
  • On-premise applications: Install new applications or update the existing ones to be executed into on-premise environment
  • Hybrid applications: Update, modernize or rewrite existing applications to be ready to cloud and integrated with Azure Public Cloud
  • Azure Stack infrastructure services: Install and configure Azure Stack infrastructure services used by business applications
  • Managing existing Azure Stack infrastructures
  • Managing new Azure Stack installations at customer’s premises


Moresi.com Services offers a portfolio of consulting engagements to accelerate your hybrid cloud initiatives. Our services for Microsoft Azure will help customers implementing and integrating Azure Stack into their existing environments. We can help you clarify your infrastructure, application and operational priorities to implement and integrate the Moresi.com Cloud Microsoft Azure Stack into your environment. We can speed your path to productivity with deployment and integration services and ultimately help you expand your Microsoft Azure environment to deliver even more value to your business.

Moresi.com can help different user typology to evaluate this innovative technology and reach out their needs:


Set up and evaluate test environments, run Demo, evaluate costs, performance and portability of your business applications and cloud availability.


Set up and evaluate test environments, run Demos, train IT consultants and provide services to end users.


Set up and evaluate test environments, run Demo and provide services to end users.


  1. No infrastructure
  2. No dedicated personnel
  3. No management
  4. No licenses
  5. No administrative costs
  6. Complete flexibility and scalability
  7. Full knowledge of all features
  8. Monthly and non-annual subscription
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